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Barn Time

Casper Time

Fabulous 5Oth Birthday Party

Anyone that knows Denise Hamilton, knew that her 50th Birthday Party was going to be not only fabulous but unique and filled with Diversity and most importantly Inclusion.

The 192 attendees were black, white, Hispanic , Christian, Hindi, Jewish, Muslim, Gay, Straight, Transgender, and cisgender. Her guest included close friends and family, and the former member of the multi-platinum band Kool & the Gang, who wrote and co-produced the song ” “Celebration,” and ” Ladies Night” which he sang to Denise at the party. As well has the locally known saxophone Player Joyce Spencer.

Denise had her good friend “Paris Davenport” a local Drag Queen perform the hit song by Lizzo ” Good as Hell, ” and surprised guest by performing herself a Bollywood dance, choreographed by the well-known dance instructed Purnniema Soni.

The food was professionally catered soul food, India food, and vegetarian food. All bases were covered. And the cake was designed by the well known ” Cake Daddy” from the hit show Cake Wars. It was definitely a 50th Birthday Party to remember!

CCAR Passport 2019

Collin County Associations of Realtors Global Diversity Committee’s upcoming event, Passport 2019

Denise Hamilton Featured Speakers on …. Diversity and Inclusion 

Family Means the World

Family for me means the ones who will be beside me no matter what happens, the most loved ones. The outer world loves me when I am strong and effective and dislikes me when I am weak and ineffective. Actually, some good friends also count as a family according to this description. Family are the people that stay beside me even in the toughest of times, the worst of the worst times, even whenever something is very wrong with me.

If You’re Not at the TableYou’re on the Menu

This means that if you have to speak up for what you believe to be right, you have to be at the table or you will be eaten.

The Bible says that those who have been given more than others (on earth) are expected to do more with their resources and this includes service to others.

Emceeing for Senatorial Candidate Beto” O’Rourke

Collin County Diversity Council

What We Do

  • We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion through programs and dialogue.
  • We host seminars, panel discussions, friendship circles, book discussions, and multicultural festivals; and we partner with/support other like-minded civic and cultural non-profits.
  • We are working to build a future filled with open-minded citizens of the world by educating adults, who will then pass their learning and understanding on to their children.

Interfaith Discussion Group

Interfaith dialogue is the exchanges among religious practitioners and communities on matters of doctrine and issues of mutual concern in culture and politics. Explore the engagement of the world’s religious traditions around theological questions and in their efforts to collaborate on questions of peace, human rights, and economic and social development.

Denise Hamilton Realtors

Denise Hamilton Realtors provides a wide-range of real estate services. Let us help you through the home buying and selling process.

Back to school ice-cream social .

Plano Child Care Learning Academy Board Member

Supporting Prelude Clubhouse.

is a psychiatric rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness offering socialization, meaningful work, a way to transition back to employment, education and housing resources, and means to a more productive lifestyle.

Chair of MCOR Friendship-circle

Multicultural Outreach Roundtable Friendship Circle provides an opportunity to promote friendships among members in a small, intimate, and relaxed environment. 

The goal to enrich the lives of all participants, encourage interactions, and develop lasting relationships among people from a variety of ethnicities, cultural, genders, and religious groups.


Hobbies aren’t just some frivolous activity for retirees to spend their time on, they’re crucial to a life worth living. Do things that give you pure joy.

The adrenaline and the thrill I get from riding horses is like nothing I can describe. The connection I feel with a horse is beyond words.

Outbreak speaker with Robert Kiyosaki