We all have the same amount of time in the day. It all comes down to how your chose to spend yours. People who prefer to spend time on their hobbies and earn less are happier than people who like to work longer hours for big pay packets, a study has found.Spending time in more ‘meaningful ways’ on pastimes, with family or exercising leads to greater feelings of well-being, researchers found. They suggest that if people want to focus more on their time and less on money they should work fewer hours, pay someone to do chores like cleaning the house, or volunteer with a charity.

Time Wastes are Dream Killers

1. Watching TV. No one ever accomplished their goals by sitting on the
2. Procrastinating. Action now always beats inaction.
3. Waiting for something to happen. Go out and make it happen.
4. Hanging out with negative people. Be careful, attitude is contagious.
5. Indecision. Make decisions or life will make them for you.
6. Eating junk food. Do something active and get your body in motion.
7. Playing video games. Angry Birds doesn’t get work done.
8. Constantly updating your social media status, and I’m admittedly a
Instagram and Facebook Queen, but I only update once a day.
9. Complaining. No one gets what they want by whining. 
10. Gossiping. It never gets the work done.
11. Doing other people’s work. Do your work first.

12. Reading the news. Go on a media diet.
13. Antagonizing others. If you don’t have something nice to say…
14. Attending unnecessary meetings. Practice the “Right to Decline” unneeded
15. Reading Email. Only check it 3 times a day. Morning, noon, end of day.
16. Answering the phone. Remember, your phone is there
for your convenience.
17. Not putting things away. You’ll have to look for them later.
18. Surfing the web endlessly. One thing leads to another…

Treat your time with the same care and consideration you would your money. Instead of mindlessly wasting it, strive to use it wisely. After all, no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to save time for a rainy day.

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